The origin of the band “Platzl-Oktoberfestkapelle” centres around the “Armbrustschützen” (cross bow men) tent.

During the last 6 decades, the brass band “Unterbrunner”, conducted by Adolf Beham for more than 35 years, provided the musical ambience in this tent.

Since 1990, the “Armbrustschützen” tent has been successfully managed by the Inselkammer family, a name which has been closely connected to the “Platzl” in the centre of Munich since the 50’s. Here, the family also manages the “Platzl” Hotel and the “Ayinger” restaurant. Nearby, in front of the famous “Hofbräuhaus”, there had once been the popular “theatre Platzl”, simply abbreviated “Platzl”.

When Martin Beham retired as conductor of the band in 2010, the new generation of the Inselkammer family decided to continue with the band of excellent musicians under new directors and a new name: “Platzl-Oktoberfestkapelle”.

The leadership of the band was accepted by Manfred Leopold and Andreas Stauber, both professional musicians

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